Introduction to R

Sven Sellmer - Ruhr-University Bochum

R is a programming language that allows to deal with large amount of data in an extremely versatile way. It is well known for its statistical and graphical capabilities, which have made it very popular among natural scientists. In the proposed workshop I will try to convince the participants that it can be used as an extremely handy and powerful tool also in the area of Digital Humanities. Roughly, I will give a practical introduction to the following topics:

In order to prepare the workshop as much as possible in accordance with the needs and wishes of the participants, I would be grateful for any information about which topics are of special interest for you. Please feel also free to send me all sorts of data you would like us to prepare, analyse or display in the course of the workshop -- I will try to include them.

No knowledge of programming in any language is required. Please just go to and install the latest version of R for your operating system.