Photograph of Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert

Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert

Außerplanmäßiger Professor

Frederik Elwert studied Religious Studies and Sociology at the Universities of Bremen and Leipzig. In 2014, he received his doctorate in religious studies with a thesis on religion and the integration of ethnic Germans from the former Soviet Union. Subsequently, he coordinated several projects in the field of Digital Humanities. He is currently leading the project Digitisation of Gandharian Artefacts (DiGA) as well as several subprojects of the SFB 1475 “Metaphors of Religion”. He is a professor (außerplanmäßiger Professor) at CERES since 2022.

Office Hours

on request

Areas of Research

Digital Humanities, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Migration, Network Research

Principal Investigator of CRC 1475 „Metaphors of Religion“

Professor of Center for Religious Studies and CERES Teaching

Former Coordinator/ Cooperation Partner of CERES Digital Humanities Initiative

Project Leader of DiGA , Subproject B01 , Subproject C04 and Subproject INF

Project Management of Digitization of Gandharan Artefacts , Linked Data Methodologies in Gandhāran Buddhist Art and Texts , Modelling Topics and Structures of Religious Online Communication and Semantic and Social Network Analysis as a Means to Study Religious Contact (SeNeReKo)

Associated Researcher of Digital Edition of al-Samarqandī’s ʿAyn al-Naẓar

Member of Research Department of CERES RESEARCH DEPARTMENT

Member of Scientific Network on the Relationship Between Religious Minorities and Majorities

Cooperation Partner of NFDI4Memory

Substitute of Study Advisory Board

Former Professor of South Asian History of Religions

Former Research Associate of Migration und Religion. Eine historisch-komparative Untersuchung ausgewählter Migrantengruppen

Former Administrative Staff of Center for Religious Studies

Former PhD Student of CERES Early Career Researchers' Program