Picture of SENEREKO Research Project awarded

Simone Gerhards and Frederik Elwert, both researchers in the CERES project SeNeReKo, won the first prize with their picture "Word Network". The picture contest was organised by the Ruhr-University Bochum, in order to promote the visibility of science. Choosen by a university jury out of 120 pictures, the winning picture is one of a few that is dedicated to the research in the humanities. 

The prize was awared during the opening of the exhibition "Wissenschaft im Bild - Die schönsten Motive aus der Bochumer Forschung", which is displayed from 13th until 27th October 2015 in the Bochum's city malls City Point and Drehscheibe. Visitors of the exhibition may vote for their favorite motive, which will curated by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum to a calendar. For more Information please click here www.wissenschaft-im-bild.rub.de/en 

Frederik Elwert and Simone Gerhards with the picture "Word Network"

The picture was generated through a combination of traditional approaches of humanities and cutting-edge data analysis. The word network shown is that of the Ancient Egyptian term 'hrw“' – pronounced 'herou'. I means 'day' in Englisch. The yellow lines show connections of individual words that are combined in hieroglyph inscriptures with 'hrw'. Information from more than 400 different texts and approx. 2500 years of Ancient history went into this word network.